Friday, February 5, 2010

Cool Bread Bags

I have been working really hard on a couple of things in our own household.  One is trying to get away from plastic (easier said than done) and the other is making my own sourdough bread.  After you make a beautiful loaf of bread, what do you do with it???  Another problem I have is trying to take bread anywhere. 

I asked my friend to consider making some kind of cloth bag for me.  Here is what she came up with.  I love them.  You can find them here:  Evelyn Fields: Homemade Bread Bag

Thanks sweetie.  You are the best.  Problem solved!


  1. Cindy- You gave me the push to make them so thank you! Send my your address & I will mail all of your stuff to you.

  2. Love them!!! I am going to the etsy shop right now to put my order in:) I LOVE making our own bread and now it will look even prettier!