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Assorted GMO Information and links

Some links for genetically modified foods

I spent some time looking into the GM stuff. The first link is pretty amazing.... just scroll down and look at the titles of the links there. It appears to be a clearinghouse of stuff....... just read the links listed.

Seeds of Deception

The second one I am reposting from Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola

This third one is pretty in-depth. Not for the faint of heart, but I would like to pull a paragraph from it......

exerpt: When mouse embryos were exposed to glufosinate, it resulted in growth retardation, increased death rates, incomplete development of the forebrain and cleft lips, as well as cell death in part of the brain. After pregnant rats were injected with glufosinate, the number of glutamate receptors in the brains of the offspring appeared to be reduced. When infant rats were exposed to low doses of glufosinate, some of their brain receptors appeared to change as well.

Glufosinate herbicide might also influence behavior. According to Kuroda, "female rats born from mothers that were given high doses of glufosinate became aggressive and started to bite each other-in some cases until one died." He added, "That report sent a chill through me."

Disturbing gut bacteria

If the herbicide is regenerated inside our gut,it will likely kill gut bacteria. Gut microorganisms are crucial for health. They not only provide essential metabolites like certain vitamins and short fatty acids, but also help the break down and absorption of food and protect against pathogens. Disrupting the balance of gut bacteria can cause a wide range of problems. According to molecular geneticist Ricarda Steinbrecher, "the data obtained strongly suggest that the balance of gut bacteria will be affected" by the conversion of NAG to glufosinate. end of exerpt.....

Organic Consumers

And on that cheerful note.... :)

Path to Progress:  For information on Baking Soda
PHASE ONE - Full Plan:

Step One - Try this baking soda flu remedy to neutralize the pH in your gut. It will begin the process of allowing the good bacteria to get a good start.

1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 FRESH squeezed lemon or lime
1/2 glass of water

Day 1 - Use FOUR times
Day 2 - Use TWO times
Day 3 - Use ONCE

If you get flu-like symptoms or diarrhea, then add-on another day or two.

You may want to test your (morning) urine pH for a few days afterwards—and if it is still acidic, continue doing this drink once a day, for just awhile longer.

Possible side effects: a really bad headache that comes and goes and being really thirsty. It burns up some vitamins in your body, so begin Step Two ASAP.

IT IS BAD! You can do both, but take them 30 minutes apart. They do not get along.

Step Two - Begin taking a high quality multi-vitamin. A liquid or powder is much preferred to a compressed tablet (look out for hidden sweeteners and flavorings). We use AllOne-Senior Formula.

Step Three - Begin putting at least 1 Tbsp/per day of Coconut Oil into your system. You might also consider putting it onto your skin to get even more of it absorbed. Rubbing it onto your face, neck, hands and feet at night, works well. Note that coconut oil is a good anti-fungal, so if you have a reaction to it in any way, back off and build up more slowly.

Step Four - Cultured Foods (Gingerale, Sauerkraut, Yogurt). Acquire the stuff to make gingerale and sauerkraut. It will take time to get to full strength, so don't rush it. Find somewhere to purchase these live foods, if necessary.

As soon as is practical, begin getting each of these live cultured foods (and possibly others) into your system on a daily basis. As a suggestion, we have yogurt and granola for breakfast. Eggs fried in coconut oil and sourdough toast for lunch with some ginger ale to drink and then some sauerkraut with dinner. It is not bad on salad or meat. Try to find some consistent thing that works for you. These three entities will give you completely different bacteria and you want them to thrive! Feed them, nurture them and allow them to help bring you good health.

Step 5 - Add a raw, large salad with a high quality olive oil/vinegar dressing daily at this time. Discover new and wonderful whole, live foods. As you weaken the "bad" stuff in your gut, your daily salad will work as a "scrubber" to help clean it out.

Grocery Store Tip - Read the labels! If it says High Fructose Corn Syrup, DON'T BUY IT!

Lifetime Fitness Tip - Make an appointment with yourself or someone else and exercise for 20 minutes - TODAY AND EVERY DAY!

Remember that none of this process is fast and this first phase is not about losing weight. Also, I am really concerned about GMOs effect on your gut health. If what I see out there is correct, you can work and work on building your gut health, only to eat a ‘genetically modified’ food product and have the possibility of it acting as an herbicide on all of your hard-won micro flora.

Don't get overwhelmed. Do one thing at a time. There is no time schedule and no failure. I have at least one article for each step on "Phase 1 - The Extra Step" label. Try to read one of those every couple of days. Just think about one thing, when you understand it, read and study the next thing.

When you feel you have established good habits from Phase 1, begin Phase 2.

Path to Progress:  Go here to read about GMO's

Introductory Letter

A Step of Health

To my family and friends, who are willing to journey with us on our continued quest for a healthy lifestyle… this note, to state in writing what my goals are for this experiment.

At Apryle's suggestion (my daughter-in-law), I have been mulling for months, about writing up a "baby steps" approach to health. After completing the Dave Ramsey course and learning how to break down big financial problems into a series of manageable baby steps, it made sense to apply those same principles to health. Most of the time when we hit some milestone, ie: a disease crops up or progresses, a new year begins, a large change happens in our life or we anticipate a major change coming down the pike, we buy some book on “how to” be healthy or live a sustainable life. These are almost all "immersion" type programs that require a bunch of change at one time or, a commitment to give up our favorite habits and addictions. We give it the ‘old college try’ for a couple of weeks, then fail in some key area and give up. After that we beat ourselves up and go back to the old lifestyle or take the path of least resistance and then WHAM, something else happens. So, we read another great book or something else comes along to inspire us once again and the cycle repeats…

Instead of this immersion system, I am trying to come up with a good, useful, baby-steps type of program. It needs to be affordable, food based and sensible. So, we begin with Phase I. It has already been changed quite a few times and it might be changed again. I have a framework of 10-12 phases laid out. I am going to meet with some of you (and others who have a good, deep knowledge of health) and we will pull this framework apart and rebuild it... as many times as necessary, until we have a useful tool that should work for most people, diseases and lifestyles.

The idea of this plan is to focus on one phase of health at a time and established some good, new habits. And having begun to make these better heath decisions, to then move on—no failure, no beating yourself up, no time pressure. These are just suggestions and you should ideally take the time while you are in each phase, to learn more about that particular health idea, absorb it, own it and make some great new choices for yourself and your family.

Phase One is gut health. I choose this subject to begin with, because I feel that you cannot have good overall health without good intestinal health. It is where our immune system springs from and where nutrients are dealt with—to be either absorbed or passed on, and it is also where much of our healing takes place. If your gut is healthy and you tend to it, you will have a lot more room for error during the rest of your life. The choices I made for the five steps are what I consider the most important. However, there are many other cultured food choices out there and perhaps some of those are the way your family will want to go. So, read a couple of articles on how the gut works and what keeps it nourished. And do a little research, to figure out which habits your family wants to acquire. Then, when ready, move on to Phase Two.

I am adding a "Path to Progress" at the bottom of each page to help you navigate the site.  Look for the link.

Good health to you,

Disclaimer: What you will find here is my opinion based on what I know to be true. Please use wisdom in making decisions for your own family. Information found on the "A Step of Health" site is meant for educational and informational purposes only, and to motivate you to make your own health care and dietary decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with your health care provider. It should not be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or courses of treatment. Individual articles and information on other websites are based upon the opinions of the respective authors, who retain copyright as marked.

Path to Progress:  Phase One Basic Program