Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Raw Milk Legal Victory - Canada

Legal Victory in Canada!
subject: Raw Milk

There is a great news article on a raw milk victory in Canada.  We have some Canadian friends on this blog, and it is good to rejoice whenever a little guy providing healthy, nutrient dense food wins.

I don't know the law for excerpting from other sites... so here are a couple of paragraphs.  Please go read the article.  Right now we should begin an in - depth focus of raw milk and its benefits, so it is certainly timely.

Schmidt was found not guilty on 19 charges related to providing raw milk: While Canadian law allows the consumption of raw milk, its sale and distribution has been illegal in the country since 1938, authorities fearing that it could contain bacteria that may pose a risk to public health.

Schmidt operates a 150-cow dairy co-operative venture, in which members own part of a cow in order to acquire raw milk. The scheme was ruled not to be a violation of public health rules as there is no selling or marketing of the product, and because Schmidt distributes only to the cow shareholders and not the general public.

For any Canadian friends, I would encourage you to contact your representatives (I don't know your legal system, but assume you have a representative type of government) and encourage the legality of raw milk to those who wish to have it.  There are links at the bottom for petitions and resources.

The stats on the end of the article were certainly intriguing....... how many people were sickened by raw milk (0) vs. how many people died from  listeriosis contamination (dozens)... of the government approved, dead, lifeless, worthless, wretched.... sorry, got carried away... milk.

Anyway, the article was enjoyable and well written.  Personally, we are actively looking into finding a milk cow.  Our entire family is excited by this prospect (except perhaps Papa who has had a milk cow before and remembers the work).

I would like to throw out a suggestion.  If you are interested in raw milk you should find out if someone you know has a cow.  If so, they would probably appreciate regularly scheduled time off in exchange for milk.  Perhaps your family could milk one to two times per week on a regular basis in exchange for milk.... and maybe take over for vacation time.  Just a suggestion.  A milk cow is day in-day out work and regular time off seems like a good trade.

Here is the article.  Enjoy