Friday, March 12, 2010

Sally Fallon's Wisdom - Nourishing Traditional Diets

Sally Fallon is the author of Nourishing Traditions.  Her life story is worth reading and she has inspired our family in so many ways.  (link to a biography of her)  She is not afraid to tackle every sacred cow in our world... the FDA, the USDA, the Federal Government, large agribusiness, big pharmaceutical business, the medical profession.... She does what I wish I had the courage, knowledge and skill to do.  But since I don't and she has already tackled it then why don't we all just be on her team.  As a community, we can effect change.

Since understanding is what brings about change in your heart and mind, I want to post some youtube clips from Sally Fallon.  There are three 10 minute clips available.  It is from a DVD set she has done.  I have not watched the DVD's (I didn't even know about them) but probably will eventually.  Just these three clips are really informative.

At another time I will do a post listing out some of her "short" clips.  She has several about 1-2 minutes long, each covering a topic in a short, clear, understandable way.  They are really good.  I'll list one on here in case you want to follow this thread yourself.

My personal belief, as always.... YOU need to be educated and responsible for the health and well being of your family.  Make decisions based on knowledge, not based on what you are told by some government official.  Use common sense and fight back against the nonstop pressure of what some regulator says is healthy.... remember that most of those regulators are controlled by the large business' they are supposed to be regulating.  It is not much of a system for the average person.  It is a great marketing tool for corporations.

One example is raw milk:  every day is a challenge for us.  My hubby and I are both 50 (picture at right from vacation last year) and were raised in the TV age that taught on EVERY level that raw milk is bad.... schools, TV, stores, advertising, governments...... then to find out that raw milk is the ONLY type of milk you should give yourself and your family has been something of a shock.  This decision came after we really focused on the milk debate.  (my conclusion on milk blog here) Then, based on study, reason and common sense, we switched and will never go back.  Emotionally, it is still a challenge for both of us..... but one that will be overcome.

Anyway, enjoy the video clips.  The first three are about 10 minutes each.  The last one is one of the short clips - 1:24.  They are all really good.

Be blessed and healthy