Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bell's Palsy

A question that has been bubbling in me recently...  "WHAT are the fruits of the Spirit in MY life?"   Because we are known by our fruit, both here on earth and above in Heaven.   This picture represents what I strive for regularly.  This was a recent "gut check" for me and one that has been a wrestling place.  These have not been the fruits showing up in my life. 

Many of you know that I experienced a Bell's Palsy episode a coupe of years ago.  It recently flared its ugly head again.  Here are my thoughts on addressing this issue in my world. (IMHO... It is always, always, always the best thing to do to begin by getting right with God, no matter what your issue is)

Remember that I am not in any way a medical professional.  This is just what I did and continue to do to wrestle with this health issue.  Really, this is the resolution and the end of a lot of steps.  Please know that all along the way I have had wonderful counsel from a naturopath, a chiropractor and a massage therapist.  If you are in pain with your skeleton, begin with a good chiropractor.  If you have gut imbalance issues, begin with a good naturopathic doctor.  A good counselor can help resolve emotional issues or mental issues.  You may need to begin with a good massage therapist to deal with muscular issues.  Please be open to asking for help and guidance.  This list is where I ended up.  Please know that I began with good professional help.

This is not addressing a Bell's Palsy situation that is caused by trauma or injury.

So, the causative / problematic areas to be addressed:

1) Gut imbalance
 2) Emotional, physical, mental or spiritual stress

These first two (either/or/both) can then begin a chain reaction which can be triggered by:

3) overreaction to neurotoxin exposure (pesticides, possibly GMO's... still researching... corrupted fats, chemical overload in our food or body products, some parma stuff, other neurotoxic things.

4) Opportunistic virus which acts very, very oddly

This in turn leads to a swelling in the affected area (in the case of Bell's Palsy, the inner ear ... other diseases are the basically the same process but different parts of the body affected). This brings us to the next phase.

5) This swelling can cause the myelin sheath (The fatty substance that covers and protects nerves is an extremely simplified explanation) to be damaged or degraded, especially if the original condition is not corrected quickly. A further problem is lesions, but this does not usually occur in Bell's Palsy specifically.

6) For reasons of which I am unclear, this chain of events almost always pulls our body physically out of alignment. This needs corrected by a competent chiropractor as quickly as possible. Massage therapy in conjunction to the physical adjustment may also be very, very helpful.
SO, my personal steps to allow healing of my original episode and subsequent flare ups....

1) Recognize that there is probably an underlying emotional issue bringing problems to your body. It is necessary to deal with this. Depending on your world view, this can be accomplished by prayer and submission to God, inner healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or other recognition and healing process.

2) Make VERY SURE that my gut flora, my mouth flora and my skin flora is healthy and active. This involves any good Phase 1 diet for a season while AT THE SAME TIME adding a lot of great fats from the whole spectrum (short, mid and long chain fatty acids) and a LOT of fermented foods (sauerkraut or other cultured veggies, kombucha and kefir... there may be others... these are my base.
Following these two steps should bring you to a place of:

3) neutralized pH and a gut that has a healthy population of bacteria (and your skin and your mouth)

4) rest and calm emotionally

This then opens the door for my final steps of healing:

5) Chiropractic adjustment. For me personally this usually involves adjustment of my atlas, sometimes my upper back, and recently my foot. I personally expect to go for 3-4 sessions over about a six week period to ensure that everything is stable. The first time this happened to me it was more like 2-3 times per week for 3-4 weeks.

6) A good chiropractor will have available some low level energy or laser or electrical device which should bring relief to nerve endings that are going haywire and causing a lot of pain and distress.

7) A good massage therapist working hand in hand with the chiropractor may speed all of this up considerably.

8)  Begin (or continue) an appropriate exercise program.  Get out in the sunshine and walk or jog or run, play an active game... but also add some good, structured exercise program.

Hopefully this is helpful to you.