Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Working around the farm

It has been an unbelievable blessing the past few weeks to have the guys in and out as work has ground to a halt (because of the rain).   The Lord has blessed the work of their hands and so much has been accomplished.  Fences were mended by my son and son-in-law, the pig pen readied for a couple of pigs, a large pile of junk cleaned up and is now ready to become a work area, shelves were repaired, an upgrade to the water system by my hubby and numerous other chores that need tools, skill and strength that working guys have.

My amazing husband designed and built (with a lot of help  :) another chicken run.  We now have two complete chicken areas with their own runs, pens, coops and doors.  They also worked in some storage for our kayaks up on the top.  He is planning a third "open air" chicken area for the far end of our orchard.  The chickens just don't like to go very far from their coop.  We have a lot of nice grass down at the end that never gets eaten.

Our youngest son, nephew and grandson hunted for worms, dug, measured, drilled, hammered and generally had a wonderful time "helping"  the older guys.  They had a wonderful day.

The orchard that was tilled and planted a couple of weeks ago is coming up so nicely.  The newest book I am reading is called "Gold in the Grass" and we continue to try to figure out how to turn grass into high quality protein.  Our goal is to get almost completely away from laying pellets as we raise chickens for eggs and meat.  Worms, seeds and grasses are a big part of our plan.

The incubator that my sister bought and tends to is ready to turn out the second batch of chicks (meat birds).  We moved our mama hen up and plan to sneak the three that have hatched under tonight.  Every night she will get the rest that have hatched.  She managed the last 22 really well and they are integrated into one of the flocks.

The girls have been busy as well.  The seedlings are coming up quickly and will need to be transplanted soon.  They are making plans to manage a booth at our local Farmer's Market.  We are planting enough have an abundance.

The guys have to back to their regular work tomorrow.  I just wanted them to know how much I appreciate the time, skill and energy that it takes to turn a couple of funky acres  into a productive, healthy, thriving small farm.

Be blessed today