Saturday, February 20, 2010

The House Around the Corner - Arleen's House

Arleen's advice about Kefir :)

Stop whining already about the taste of the kefir (no fear - ki fear) 

morning start: 

1/4 c kefir
1/4 c juice or kvass
2 tablespoons coconut oil...

stir and drink


1 chug-a-lug and you are all done for the day. 
all you taste is what ever juice you used (carrot, beet, orange, lime)  
wipe your mouth, (don't lick your lips if you don't like coconut oil...  I don't like it at all, but don't taste it.  just the juice)

Enjoy (or something :)


  1. Arleen, you still crack me up! I really miss you guys:)

  2. Gabe & I have a few cups of coffee in the morning & use organic ultra-pasturized 1/2 & 1/2 because nothing else is available & price. The last few days, I have been adding a tsp. of kifer to each cup with no taste difference. I might up the amount or play around with putting the kifer grains in the 1/2 & 1/2 overnight...

    Cindy- how did you end up liking kifer in your coffee? Also do you think the heat damages it?

  3. The kefir in coffee was OK.... not outstanding, but I could get used to it.

    I think the enzymes are OK if the coffee is not above... I think it is 120 degrees or somewhere... it might be 118. I forget. I still think it is better for you.

    Your dad needs to get a milk cow... you guys come over twice a month and load up on milk :)

  4. I agree on the milk cow. They keep saying that they are not getting one until we move back to milk it.

  5. What is up with that Jeff??? For your grandbaby you wouldn't milk twice a day??? and whatever else goes with them....