Friday, February 12, 2010

Ramble in the Woods - Friends and Bread

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
The other Gold...

One of the nicest things about Facebook has been reconnecting with old friends.  Three of us spent so much time together in high school, Jamie, Sherri and I, best of friends.  Then we graduated, got married, had kids, moved around, worked, worked and worked some more, grew and learned and lived and loved.  Life flowed by us like a river and before we knew it..... thirty years had flowed by us..... and we had completely lost touch.

Through the simplicity of Facebook, Sherri, Jamie and I have reconnected.  We still haven't seen each other, but it has been so sweet to remember why we were such good friends all those years ago.  We have been catching up on kids, pets, gardens, houses, hubbies, families and old memories.  When I started this blog, they have been actively cheering me on..... and providing practical help.

So... Jamie has sent me her bread recipe, and took pictures of the entire step.  She is a clear and concise writer and covers everything well.  A complete novice can learn from her and I am grateful for her time and energy.  I think we are going to see Sherri's recipe soon :)  :)  :)

I am also so blessed by my younger friends.  Your energy, passion and enthusiasm is infectious.  You are so willing to try new things, figure it out, make it better.... then share it so we can all benefit.  This internet adventure has been beyond anything I could anticipate a couple of months.  I look forward to every morning... what new thing is coming my way today?  What old skill is going to be shared?

I think I am going to have to completely change my recipe after reading through all of the great recipes, ideas and discoveries.  I think I have gotten at least two good ideas from each recipe here.  I am looking forward to more ideas every day.

Thanks for sharing this journey.  The picture is from Christmas... everyone brought their "toys" and had a blast riding and eating and playing marshmallow wars and running and just being a family.  It is such a happy memory that I wanted to share.

Be Blessed, healthy and well


  1. Great picture of the family on quads:)!

  2. Hello Cindy,
    I just read your delightful post. It seems odd that so many years have passed, when it feels that we have just picked up where we left off. Our friendship and the adventures we had are the fondest memories of my youth.
    Take Care,

  3. Sherri,

    I am so glad you enjoyed it. It is straight from my heart. I am so enjoying your posts on your blog. I have some pretty happy memories too.