Thursday, February 18, 2010

Retracing My Steps - Ginger Ale

How Our Family Deals with the Flu

It appears to be flu season, cough, cold, yuck.  If you would like to have a simple, homeopathic remedy (remember, I am neither a doctor, a homeopath, a midwife... nothing... just opinionated :) you might add cultured ginger ale to your families life.  Purchasing ginger ale probably won't give you the benefits.  Our family always has ginger ale brewing on the counter and a ginger ale/juice mix in the fridge.

 Ginger Ale Break

To learn how to make ginger ale, go to Whey and Ginger Ale Recipes.  Remember that a good gut is your best defense against germs, pathogens, and a generally toxic world.  Ginger Ale is one of the daily things we add for continued gut health.

Why ginger ale, you ask.... well, if you look at the benefits of ginger ale, that might answer your question.  My personal opinion is that cultured ginger ale is BY FAR the most efficient way to incorporate this wonder food into your life.  It is not cooked, the enzymes are all there, it is lacto fermented, the nutrients are bio available and accessible, and you can make it taste pretty good by mixing it with a little juice (I have no hard research on this since I made it up myself... it is kind of an odd drink to get used to.)

Ginger Ale with Pomegranate Lime Juice
 If you or your family like ginger ale, you don't need to mix it with juice.  It keeps for a long, Long, LONG time if you don't mix it with juice and you throw it into the back of the fridge.  I always keep a clearly labeled bottle of it, with some of the ginger in the bottom, in the back of the fridge.... Why?  If you have a puking family member, pull out the plain ginger ale.  Give them one tablespoon, by sips, wait 10 or 20 minutes and then give them another tablespoon.  This nutralizes that yuck feeling in your throat and mouth, so have them swish it in their mouth for a bit before swallowing.

If you are pregnant, are involved with chemo, or get motion sickness, you might also give cultured ginger ale a try.  (It helps by turning off something in your brain that tells you to puke - some studies show ginger to be more effective than Dramamine for motion sickness).  Again, my opinion is that the cultured ginger ale is almost the most efficient way to get the benefits of this amazing rhizome.

There are so many benefits available.  I'll list some of the ginger ale benefits as I know them here, and some links for you to do your own due diligence.  Remember, your families health is ultimately your responsibility and  you should check out some remedies, some preventions.  Don't ever subcontract your families health to anyone... doctor, chiropractor, dentist, therapist.... or friend.


My personal list of ginger benefits: (please remember that this is not an "instant" thing... except for puking or acid reflux... we drink ginger ale every day... these are just some of the helpful things ginger can help you with over time)

  • Overall anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti everything... but in a healthy way :)
  • Stops heartburn and acid reflux
  • Digestion Aid and helps with gas and bloating
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Fever Reducer
  • Morning Sickness help (with changes in diet)
  • Mild headache remedy (I still use aspirin occasionally)
  • Energy drink (when mixed with minerals and juice)
  • Calms your nerves... a little bit :)
  • Food poisoning relief (some - a good, healthy, active gut is your best defense against food poisoning..... OK, full disclosure, we use live sauerkraut regularly to combat any food poisoning  :)
  • Menstrual Cramp relief
  • Some research shows lowered cholesterol levels (when used on a regular basis)
  • Refreshing soda type of drink... It is so good in the summer over ice!

I might revisit this page and add stuff.... I am really doing this off the top of my head and might change this page when I have a bit of time.  A little stretched in the time category this morning :)  If anyone has another remedy.... please let me know.


Don't try to go to every one of these sites.  Many of them have repetitive information.  These are just some of the ones I like really well.  I try to find ones that don't have pop up ads, but don't always catch them.

So, true confessions, ginger chews are my all time favorite candy, but I have not been able to get them :(  This is their site for health benefits and it is really good.

These sites are selling their stuff, but they have links to lots and lots of research.  I have not looked at all of it, but some of it.  I especially like the links they have on motion sickness and on cholesterol.

Here is a nice bullet point with research list and one with the nutritional breakdown

Here is a nice, short list with some research and one with the use of honey and ginger.

Anyway.... this is easy and inexpensive and a good tonic for winter.

Best of Health to you 



  1. your blog Cindy....thanks so much for sharing all the good stuff......thanks to for keeping up with Jodi and fam.......too sweet......its been fun reading your fb stuff too.....BTW the pic of the boys in the garden and drinking the gingerale drink is totally precious....congrats too on your new baby to come!!! Love and miss you all, DEB (P)

  2. Thanks much Deb. We love and miss you too. Hope to see you guys this summer.

    New babies are awesome, aren't they? Your new one is just about illegally cute. I cute-o-meter would be off the chart. I love the pictures and stories Jodi is so generous to share.

    The boys love the ginger ale. They were pretty excited that they got to cut out of school for ginger ale and pictures :)

    Love you

  3. Chara, we like it that way too, but my all time favorite is Odwalla Lime Juice. The Pomegranite Lime is pretty good too. I really enjoy having this on the counter all the time. We really go through it.


  4. Good to know all the benefits!

    I love Ginger Chews too! Travelling back & forth from NV to CA (over the passes) is really challenging for car sickness for Evy & I. Well for the past 3 months, I have made sure we have ginger chews & gingerale with us & it was working. Well this last trip, I didn't have either & we both threw up. I will be making sure to be prepared next trip.

  5. That is good to know on the ginger chews. I have not been able to find them or order from coop :( Hopefully they will get them back in soon.

    I watched a "good eats" episode on ginger and he said the motion sickness is well documented, and works. Obadiah struggles a little with motion sickness... I might put a jar in with us next time.

    I really like how you did the butter recipe. That is way cute.

  6. Cindy, I have to tell you that I so appreciate your blog. I found you through Bobbie Jo and am greatful I did. This blog is very inspiring and a good way for me to keep my family's diet "in check!" :)

  7. I have gotten the Ginger Chews at Trader Joe's & The Depot.

    Have you read "Cure Tooth Decay"? It was adversited on the sight that you had linked to "Healing our Children". It looks really good. I might buy it.

  8. Mountain Home Quilts: I am so glad you are here. We are blessed by your presence. Your blog is beautiful. I have been enjoying it, but I guess it has been through Bobbi's. I just looked and it is not on my list! How did that happen? Well, the blog thing is really new to me and it is not like life stops while I figure this out.

    Thank you for sharing your bread and butter story and pictures. Any wisdom or input you want to send out way is appreciated. This is a MAJOR community site.

    Welcome and be blessed..... btw... sorry, but I would love to know your name. I can ask Bobbi, but where is the fun in that?

  9. Melissa... DON'T buy the book... I have it. I wish I had sent it with you cause I can't find the time to read it. Someone needs to read it and give the rest of us a brief synopses. Maybe it could be you.

    I am going to try Trader Joes. I think Lynette and Ali go there frequently. Thanks for the tip. If I find some I am stocking up!

    Hope your day was wonderful.

  10. Cindy, thanks so much for this! I am planning on getting everything tomorrow for both the ginger ale and quinoa...heck, might as well churn my own cultured butter and make my own sour dough as well... one day at a time..this three kid business is throwing me for a loop!

  11. Maybe just try one thing at a time Jodi :) or not... you seem able to handle quite a lot.

    Loving your babies pics. Thanks for being generous with the pics. Please put the new one of Honey up on FB. It is too cute for words.

    Don't forget to presoak the quinoa for at least 12 hours then pour the water off. Sorry if I already said that. I intended to do a page on quinoa tonight, but am cleaning house instead (had a weird smell... finally found some rotten oranges hiding in the laundry room where I apparently put them for some reason).

    You guys be blessed and happy. Watching for the bread and butter page. Melissa did a fun one on butter.


  12. Thanks for the info Cindy!! Glad to see you met Heather:)(Mountain Home Quilts)
    Gingerale is going to be my weekend project.

  13. So glad to have found your blog! You are a wealth of information. I can't wait to try the ginger ale. I am also so gratful for all the resarch you have done on raw milk. I have been flirting with the idea to make the switch.

    Hope you have a blessed day!

  14. Amber, welcome. I am glad you are part of our community. I still need to do a couple of things on raw milk, but we have gotten happily sidetracked by sourdough bread, ginger ale, and while I am at it I need to still add a page on pH and baking soda.

    The whole blog thing is really fun, but I am trying to be a little steady on it :) kind of. I am trying.

    Be blessed and happy!


  15. Bobbi, thanks much for introducing me to Heather. I would love to meet her in person some time too.

    Please take pictures of your ginger ale project. Do you want me to get you started? I need to split my jar and I will be at Apryle's house today. I can split it this morning and hook up with you some time today. That way you start out with a really strong culture.....


  16. Cindy you made me laugh about the weird smell & the bag of oranges. Were you trying to ferment those too? I would love to read the book & give a review. Book reports were my favorite part of school.

  17. No Melissa, I was NOT trying to ferment them. I have so many things in my fridge now that I appear to have no room for fruit. We just plugged an old fridge in so today I need to move my many jars of sauerkraut out to that fridge.

    I have been using the laundry room with the window open and the door closed as a sort of a cold room. Apparently I need a better system. The oranges were disgusting.

    I'll send the book. Remember that this guy is weird as the day is long. His parenting is idiotic as well. Just go for the good stuff and ignore the idiocy. :)

    Thanks for all.

  18. So Cindy, I have to tell you that my boys had NO issues with their gingerale today!! :) Hooray! It's a hit- they love to be healthy and strong. I told them it was to "power them up" so they sipped on it all day. (just mixed it with some apple juice).

  19. That is so good Bobbi,

    I am glad you found a way that they would like it... such a healthy drink!

    Good probiotics, lots of enzymes and nutrients and tastes like ginger/apple juice. YUM!

    Good for you. Hope it keeps flu season away from your house.