Monday, March 8, 2010



  • Take your raw milk out of the fridge and skim some of the cream off of the top.
  • Add 2-3  large spoonfuls of Clabbered Milk. Stir well. 
  • Leave it on your counter LOOSELY covered.  A cloth is better than a lid. 
  • Check periodically to see if it has thickened. You may have to leave it overnight.
  • Use this thick cream to make butter. 
  • Save the liquid that separates out from your butter making endeavor to bake or culture with.
  • If you don't make butter with this, you have a sour cream (I think!)


  1. I take the easy way out and use Buttermilk culutre! ;)

  2. I like it. Probably any culture will work... I think you are trying to adjust the pH level of the milk.