Friday, March 5, 2010

New Book - Radical Homemakers

Today I came across a book that looks so good.  It looks like this family had the sense to write a book for this time,  when all of us are busy reassessing what we know about our homes, our families our money and our lives.  I plan to read it soon and hope it is not way out there.  The author wrote a couple of extensive articles which I will list.  If anyone beats me and reads this first, can you do a report for everyone else.

We have recently felt that the economic downturn has made our family reassess everything.  Two years ago would I have spent the better part of two days gathering the best ingredients, culturing and prepping them, carefully labelling and storing them, making sponges so we wouldn't run out of bread, researching new ways to use common, healthy ingredients.... then being delighted that borsch turned out to taste good?

Looking into a cow, turning the guys back into farmers, using a lot of resource to make our grass into protein, figuring out how to butcher our own chickens.... two years ago this would not have even been on my horizon.  One of the new truths in our life is "we are going to look back on this time of shaking as a gift from God to force us to reassess what is important"   I firmly believe that in five years we will be GRATEFUL that the economy made us change.  Frankly, I am grateful right now.

Is it possible to use the changes rocking our world to learn to live a different way?  I think so.  What resource do you have?  Can you and your spouse learn to work together to be healthy, happy and in line with God?  Do you really need what our current world says is a "necessity"? 

Perhaps it is time to figure out what is really best for your family.  I know it is past time for us.  We will continue these changes with joy and peace.  My husband and I are partners in this journey.... and our children and children in love (law)  are walking strongly into this new / old lifestyle themselves.  I can't wait to see what they will make of this new world... they are young and change is easier.

I love to hear about how all of you are changing the world you live in.  Thank you for being so open.  It helps.



  1. I read the article you posted & I love it. It really said all that I'd been wondering about how the 1950's housewife came to be, then was liberated & how the push is now to go back into the home to create & nourish our families.

    I'm very interested in reading that book too. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    I plan do some thinking about how we as a family can be more together on creating our home/family/land to produce & not just consume.

  2. It answered some questions, didn't it. We are just really trying to figure this out without dropping off the edge completely :)

    This book has been ordered and should be here in a couple of days. I will let you know how it goes. We should be able to share it around. I would love to have a "sharing" library of books so we don't all have to buy each of them!

    Let me know what you guys come up with. We are working on creating pasture land and continuing to live more and more frugally, closer and closer to the land and still trying to get completely out of debt.

    Thanks for being so open on your blog as you plow through all this stuff. It is such an encouragement. I'm working on cheese making right now. We want to put in a root cellar and really concentrate on making great raw cheese.

  3. Have you read "Two Acre Eden"? It was written in the 70s & it is such a good book about going back to the land & it really mimics what people are feeling right now. Besides a few references to future things like VHS's & microwaves you would not know it was written 40 years ago. I will have to find it for you.

    God Bless all your progress!

  4. I have not read it. Do you have it? I would love to borrow it the next time you are here. It sounds good.

    I had one years ago called an acre and independence or something like that. It was a huge book. I gave it away like an idiot and now am looking at the thrift stores for another one.

  5. My parents have that book too or is it "5 acres & Independence"? I read it also but it was kind of boring compared to the "2 Acre Eden" book. We will be in Sonora this weekend but Bobbi, Aleja & I are going to stay at Jodi's for a girls night on Sat. so I won't be at church.

  6. Melissa, it is 5 acres & Independence.... maybe your mom will loan it to me. I would love to read 2 acre eden when you are finished with you. Lets swap some books when you are here. Just give me a call and I'll come down to your mom's house. Maybe we could have a cup of coffee there or something. I would love to sit and visit.

    Will you be in Friday nite?