Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shifting Gears

The last few weeks have been a little intense.  We have had visitors, shifting weather, Easter activities, baby chicks and an abundance of garden time.  It has been a wonderful time of food, fun, laughter, discussion, thought and applying our food principals to almost all of the meals we shared.  It is always fun to see a person who habitually eats a lot of over-processed or industrialized food taste the intense flavors of real food.  We got to see that a lot.

Yesterday I waded back into the office - I am still staring at the  pile of mail that is threatening to avalanche.  School, office, laundry and putting everything away has been the necessity of the day.

Some of the successes of this past few weeks - the lettuce in the coldframe is wonderful - the baby chicks successfully went from incubator to brooding box to a free range pen without incident (well, one MIGHT have been stepped on), the orchard was seeded, the spring garden is growing beautifully, our amended water system was successfully set up by my sweet hubby and son, and we managed to have a really healthy, nutrient dense, organic Easter meal with a lot of family members participating.

Yesterday and today bring us to the place of trying to reimplement our normal routines.  Holidays, visitors and family are so much fun, but the day to day routine keeps us healthy and sane.  We are almost there :)

Be healthy and well today.

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  1. Sounds like a busy time! Good job on still eating healthfully over the holiday. We had some issues but it was a learning experience for me. Gabe & I had a nice talk about eating well & what that means so I feel more together with him instead of just "controlling" what he & Evy eat.

    I liked what Nourishing Gourment had to say about it in her post yesterday.

    Glad your back (online).