Thursday, May 20, 2010

A couple of additions to the farm

We have recently added a few animals around here:

Two new kittens
Some baby ducks......
To go with the duck pond
A little coop for Mama Hen "Aunt Bea" and the new chicks (sorry, no pics of the new chicks - they are totally cute)
A little coop for the roosters to be butchered soon
Two new piggies and...
A coop for the "old biddies" - 
when the new hens begin laying, these older ones will be butchered.

No pictures yet:
New puppy for son in law.... Odie... he is so great!
New baby for son and daughter in law soon!


  1. Your farm is growing like crazy!!! Lots of babies this spring! How exciting.

  2. This is so much fun! The kitten brought back fond memories of being at your house back in the day. I remember chasing kitties around the garden and little shed. What fun to have all the new additions! Ducks! I must come visit some time soon. Paisley would love to see your garden and all the animals.

  3. Great new additions!
    I can't remember if I asked you this before....what are you doing with the ducks?
    I'll be interested to hear how your laying hens taste. We're getting rid of 3 this fall (as soon as the babies start laying) but I have a feeling they'd be yucky (food wise) so I'll be selling them to the feed store (so someone else can eat them!)

  4. Melissa, lotta new babies.... Apryle is delayed today - they are understaffed. Hopefully tonight.

    Vanessa.... ANYTIME! Plus, I am going to try to come to the shower. Obadiah has his last baseball game that day, but maybe Dad can do it.

    Heather.... eggs. The ducks are for eggs. I don't know how it is going to work out.

    Also, we have had some older layers - if you roast them, they are good. I put mine in the crock pot and stewed it with herbs. We enjoyed it a lot. Eat them, you know what went into them. :)

    Quail next!

  5. Wow,Cindy, I'm so excited for your family and how self-sufficient you're becoming! My dad would be very proud as he was always big on living off the land. :-)

    We would love to come visit, too!

  6. I so miss your dad! He was always so encouraging.

    We are getting the pool ready next (if it ever warms up.... is this what living in Oregon is like?) and would love to have some "farm" days. It would be so much fun.