Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life in the Summer

Hello my long lost blogging friends.  Since we last talked it has been insane busy around here with gardening, chickens and chickens and chickens and some ducks and

SWIMMING!!!!!  Yeah for swimming.  Otherwise, all I would be doing is weeding, watering and tying the endless rows of tomatoes :)

........ except that maybe it got a little too busy - I seem to have lost my voice.  This is an old, old, OLD injury from my babyhood through my whole life - but I have been free from this problem for quite a while.  I have actually had to take a week off - not for something fun, but just to sleep and NOT TALK!  Anyone that knows me understands my dilemma.  I am also trying every remedy I have ever tried, heard of, or persuaded anyone else to do.  I appear to have maxed out on a few remedies - today I am trying something else.

DETOX might be hitting next :)  but my voice is coming back.  It is not gone for months, but weeks.  This is good.

While I was doing nothing but sleep, our oldest son was teaching his son to wakesurf.  I totally missed it, but thanks to friend Melissa, I saw some pictures.  His folks said I could share them.


First, you have to gear up.....
Wait a minute, just what are you geared up for???

Next you need to learn how to fall off the board.... 1-2-3-Jump

Dad is there waiting.
.....and he's UP!

Yep.... I'm totally cool  :)


  1. Oh my gosh! He looks absolutely adorable =) I dunno why but my son always prefers his infant swims with his dad.. :D

    I'm not sure if my kid is old enough to surf though... that looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks Jovana, we think he is adorable too :)

    He is 2 1/2 and is pretty athletic. They work on his motor skills quite a bit. He is also a pretty good swimmer. He managed to wakeboard with his Dad several times this summer and had a wonderful time doing it.

    Dad's and babies are a good thing. :)

    Have fun