Friday, July 30, 2010

The Quail Experiment Continues......

Yum!  Quail on the grill, cucumbers and roasted squash from the garden.

The first batch of quail didn't hatch very well:(

 But we had enough to learn a few things.  They start out very small.

They can "fly" pretty young.

This is where we learned to "process" them for the grill.

Right now we have 65 Cortunix chicks in the new Brooder Box. 

We have 140 Texas A and M eggs ready to go into the incubator. 

Our first Cortunix should start to lay eggs soon, and we can hatch our own as soon as the males learn what they are supposed to do once they get ahold of the females.

All in all, a success.


  1. So- were they easy to process? How does the meat taste?

  2. It was ridiculously easy to process, and only takes a few minutes per bird. It tastes like really good chicken. Some were white meat, and 1 was a darker meat. Tasty, though.

    We let it sit in a salt water brine overnight, just because of our schedule, but you could process them and cook them right away if you wanted to.

    To season them, I tossed them in a bowl with olive oil, salt, an assortment of herbs, and let it sit awhile.

    Cooked them on the BBQ (2 per person) and dinner was ready.