Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quail Adventures

My sister loves the quail.  Her hubby, a guy who enjoys building stuff out of nothing, built her what we are fondly calling the "Quail Condo".  It is amazing, organized and downright cute.  He even painted it - and the brooder box - a beautiful red.  This is downright awe inspiring.  He devised a self watering system where fresh water is continually coming into the cages using a recirculation pump, a five gallon bucket, a bunch of pipe and some...... stuff.  Above is a cool picture of my sister, SHOWING OFF her quail condo :)  I think I would show it off too!
 The Bucket.....

The Brains.....

 ......and the system!

The upside to this is that her VERY YOUNG quail are good for meat and are laying about 20 eggs every day.  Tomorrow's adventure.......


 Be healthy and well


  1. I've never tried quail. Is it like chicken? Would I raise them with my chickens or are they too frail? What about our cold winters? (just scouting out my options!)It looks like fun! I love the house! Just fantastic.

  2. Hi Audrey, This is new for us as well. It tastes similar to chicken, but is ready to butcher more quickly. It is very nice meat and they are quite easy to butcher. We have been butchering them at the same time we do our chicken pullets - we have moved into skinning them instead of dunking and feathering them.

    You cannot mix them with chicken, and they cannot free range. The cage is on wire, with trays underneath to pull out the manure. They have installed dust bath's in each cage and they eat the organic laying pellets - the same as the chickens.

    It is fun. Now, to figure out the egg situation :) A fun thing. The house is beyond cute. They are really, really good at using scrap or thrift store items and making something practical - and they usually give it a coat of paint to make it look uber-cute.


  3. Good to hear about your quail. I love their home! I keep missing you at church. Maybe next week.