Monday, February 22, 2016

New Directions for our family

We  have been taking a step back to assess this year, last year and where we should be heading next in the days the Lord has allotted to us.

On the vaccine front, unless necessary I will discontinue studying the negative affects. I am convinced, after untold hours of study, prayer, thought and more study that there is NOTHING good in vaccines. At all. Ever. My conclusion and opinion is that they are Hellborn concoctions designed to destroy your natural immune system. I have not found ONE good thing about them in all of the study I have done.

They have been sold to us, part and parcel, using propaganda, fear based techniques and ruthless marketing strategies. Entire regulatory agencies, educational and medical systems are set up to make "vaccinate" the default. I find NOTHING of God in this. Nothing. At. All. I do find a vested financial interest for corporations in creating an endless and captive market of unhealthy people.

So, I am going to stop looking at them. If you want to talk to me about vaccines, ask. The only reason that this vaccine default works is because we have abdicated much of our child rearing responsibility to state entities who have much funding from corporations who have a vested interest in the outcomes of health we currently see in our country and world.

Please know that to choose to step away from the cage that you are in, you must accept both the freedom and the responsibility in that decision. You must refuse to allow your family to be part of the system. Then you must make decisions on how you now should live. Please think.... you are stepping away from the national default. What are you going to replace it with?

For our family, we are going to begin looking forward to replacing the default with something else. To this end, Joey and I are working jointly on two different directions. Joey is working hard on the Jefferson movement, a constitutional request (demand) that Northern California either be allowed to become a separate state or have the representation that was stripped from us by a court decision be reinstated.

For me, I am going to begin studying Ayurvedic health systems. Why Ayurveda? It is the closest to what I know to be true. That is why. Yes, I will have to be prayerful as I go forward, but this is the base system that we have been using casually for years. I am going to begin studying it more in earnest.

We will also continue to build and grown our family farm with purpose and intent. This is designed to provide the highest quality nutrition available to our family. The answer to the overprocessed default in this country is to build a different system. We are not there yet, but we work toward that goal.
What we focus on is where we go. I have focused almost exclusively on the vaccine issue for a good 18 months. There is nothing good to find there. My focus is now shifting to something that can have positive impact.


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