Sunday, February 7, 2010

Culturing my Raw Milk - For the First Time

I went yesterday and bought raw cream and raw milk - $15.00 and some creme fraiche ($5.79 - a one time purchase, I hope).  This afternoon I got some Kefir beads from Arleen.  I now have my very expensive, nutrient dense, healthy, full of good fats milk SITTING ON THE COUNTER!

For some reason, this is making me a little nervous.  I don't know why.  I know the science behind culturing - I have a counter full of food being happily preserved this way..... I know the reasoning - I am trying to preserve food without killing off the enzymes and nutrients AND I am adding another cultured food for gut health...... I want to make cultured butter tomorrow and I want to use the cultured milk all week.

I am still a little nervous.  I am envious of all of you younger Moms trying these old/new ways to feed your family.  When you find out some new information you can change without changing 50 years of habits.  I have never in my life left milk on the counter overnight deliberately.

I am putting the steel cut oats out to soak as soon as I finish my late night musing.  Every bit of milk we have in the house is sitting on the counter.  Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have a new reality... like I learned with the sauerkraut, the ginger ale, the beet kvass, the sourdough bread, the pickles, the peppers, the really good tortilla recipe I accidentally stumbled upon (recipe to follow... hopefully tomorrow) .... all preserved with culturing - allowing the good bacteria to overwhelm the bad bacteria.  I know it in my mind, but tonight, it is a challenge.

Lets hope for the best.

Note:  I am having some of the cream cultured with creme fraiche this morning in my coffee.   It is a little different taste and texture, but good.  I think I will like this one.  The raw cream goes sour too quickly otherwise.  I will save some of this cream for a "starter culture" for next week's cream.  Later today I will make cultured raw butter out of most of this, and save some for my coffee.

If you try this, be sure you save a "starter" for the next time.  That way you don't have to buy another container of creme fraiche and can save some money.


  1. Love your new picture of the boys in the garden! I want to visit you this summer and be inspired by it:)

  2. It will be interesting to see how it turns out for you. I understand your hesitation in leaving dairy products out all night.

    I appreciate all you do to help others take 'a step' towards improving their health.

    Take Care,
    Sherri Ann

  3. I would love the visit Bobbi.... Maybe we can do some of the swim days up here. I keep the chlorine at a really, really minimal level. It might be fun to have some of the days here.

    I would still love to have a "core" group of swim kids and do them a couple of times per week... slow and steady.... instead of the intense week. Maybe this will be the year.

    Glad you like the pic.... I spent a long time going through pictures yesterday (since I got to opt out of the Super Bowl) and had a really fun time. So many happy memories.

  4. Sherri, I will keep everyone updated. We are headed in the direction of fresh milk. This is like a whole new world. It really was quite a bit more difficult than I thought... talk about indoctrination! Obviously it has gone deeper in me than I thought!

    Let me know how your journey is going personally. I would love an e-mail from you or a cuppa coffee together to see what you are thinking about these ideas :)

    Thanks for sticking with us.

  5. Love, love the new heading picture. Gardens are so beautiful. I think the last time I was at your house was about 20 years ago for a new years party (my parents "made" Bobbi & I go with them). Things sure change & if we are around this summer, I'm in for the swim lessons too.

    I'm excited to try making creme fraiche. I have used it before in butternut squash soup (delicious) & desserts but as it is expensive I don't buy it often.

  6. Swimming sounds good right now! If you come the same week Jodi does, we can do the intense week :) I have to start really exercising in about a month. Every year it takes me a little longer :(

    I am pretty sure you can save the creme friche starter. It was pretty good in my coffee. I still need to do the butter, but the day got away from me.... again.

  7. I am so glad you like the picture. It took me forever to find just the right one. I hoped it worked!