Sunday, February 7, 2010

Phase Two - Figure Out the Fats

Step One - Think about putting good fats back into your diet. These are some of the best, most nutrition packed energy calories you can find.  Some examples would be Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Butter, Nuts, Cod Liver Oil, Fish and Avocado are a good place to start.

Step Two - Take a deep breath and consider raw, unpasteurized, un-homogenized dairy products (from grass fed beef, if possible).  Don’t get overwhelmed, but spend a little time studying the benefits of this type of dairy product.  You need to make decisions for your family, but good milk, butter, cheese and sour cream are critical.  Try to find local sources of raw dairy, especially grass fed dairy.  Can your family go on a field trip and taste some of this fresh stuff?  That might be a good way to start.

This is the power base from which healing comes.  Throw out what you know about “fats” and study some of the benefits of these good fats.  Now, that your gut can utilize these foods properly, use them.  Your grocery dollars are well spent here.  Get the highest quality, least processed most organic, freshest fats you can get, then get them into your body. You are far better off using half the amount, at twice the price, of these products.

If you are going to try raw milk products, you might consider learning something about the process of culturing them.  Otherwise, they do not stay fresh very long and culturing raw milk products adds a wonderful, healthy layer of enzymes and good bacteria to continue your quest for a healthy gut.

Step Three - Think about making a switch to grass fed meat.  The benefits cannot be overstated.  Most animals were not designed by God to eat massive quantities of grains.  This is an invention of an industry that wants to maximize profits, which is fine, but not at the expense of our family’s health.  You might consider watching Food, Inc. to get you going on this one...  :)

Step Four - Begin to think about and eliminate bad fats that your body cannot use.  It takes so much energy to get rid of these fats that you are better off not using them.  This would include margarine, hydrogenated fats, intersterified fats, partially hydrogenated fats, trans fats, magnesium sterates in supplements and potentially some other fats.  Do I dare mention French Fries here… dipped in Ranch Dressing? Nope, OK.  One good suggestion is to make cultured mayonnaise.  It is quick and easy and combines healthy fats with cultured foods.  It has already been discussed here:  Recipes

Step Five - Begin the process of working the good fats into your day-to-day life.  This might include writing out a menu (with fats included), working out a reasonable plan for when you eat out, taking some time to read and study about the different fats, making decisions about your grocery dollars or just beginning to learn new flavors.  Continue to maintain your gut health.  Purchase some really good, high quality dark chocolate and allow yourself a little of that every day. As you add really good fats, your desire for sugars and processed foods will begin to subside.  With a healthy gut and good fats, allowing yourself some dark chocolate might help you wean yourself off some of the more unhealthy foods you love.

Many of these fats and flavors are very, very satisfying.  When you have a good variety of fats in your body, you begin to naturally lose some of the old cravings. The flavors can be intense and different, but if you just accept that different is not necessarily bad, you will be fine.  Don’t make too many changes at once.  Just one change at a time.  Talk with your family about these changes.  The more understanding you have, the harder it is to go back to the old ways.

GROCERY STORE TIP:  Read Labels!  If it says Hydrogenated, Intersterified, partially hydrogenated, trans fat, don’t buy it.

LIFETIME FITNESS TIP:   Find a controlled exercise for at least two days per week.  It should include some type of breathing control.  I recommend DVD’s.  Think Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi.  Something like that which builds core strength, flexibility and forces controlled breathing.  Again, 20 minutes.  Can you block out the same time each day?  It is a wonderful use of your time for your family.  You are not being selfish, but giving your family the gift of a healthy parent, grandparent or great-grandparent (I would like to play as hard with Ryden’s kids as I do with him).

These two liftetime fitness steps  (from Phase 1 and 2) help with so much…. Brain health, gut health, muscle tone, detox, systemic anti-fungal..... the benefits are endless.

Best of Health

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