Saturday, February 6, 2010

The House around the Corner - The Bee Hive - Food, Inc.

I am starting another "label" called "The House around the Corner".  This is for links to blogs of people I know who are on similar journeys.  We do not all have to do the same thing over and over.  Yesterday I posted a link to  Evelyn Fields blog.  She has so many good ideas and is so creative and practical.  I had a real need for a way to store and transport my sourdough bread in a non plastic way.  I am NOT creative, but she was able to do a great job and posted a picture and some thoughts.

My friend Jody watched Food, Inc. a while ago and wrote about it on her blog.  With her permission, I am going to lift a couple of paragraphs from her blog.... if you want to know more, just go here:  The Bee Hive - Whats for Dinner.

From her Blog...

This is just a small break down of what goes into the beef. Once you start researching, you will be overwhelmed with the conditions of the animals and the process in these factories…The motivation that prompted me to write this post was after Daddy Mock and I watched Food Inc., … a very important movie to watch, I highly recommend it. It is extremely eye opening and even if you have done your research and already do believe in consuming food in it’s most natural state, you can learn a lot about the CAFO’s and how our government is involved.

This post was strictly about beef, but the same story goes for poultry and pork (which we don’t consume). The best you can do now is to buy free-range, organic chicken… grass-fed beef is hard to find, but if you ask around at your local farmer’s market, there should be some contacts that can send you in the right direction. Don't get me started on corn and soybeans... 90% of soybeans in America are GMO... and there is a ton of politics behind the soy industry, which has stripped away virtually all rights of soy bean farmers (as stated in my candle post)...
Our family, personally, is continuing on our quest for a simpler, more natural lifestyle where we produce more than we consume.  To that end, we are going to invest some time and energy in developing our orchard to a better pasture with clover and various seeds... then we are going to raise heirloom meat chickens to go with our egg chickens.  The meat is darker, takes longer to raise and is going to be a process to learn how to deal with getting the chickens into the pot.... but that is what we are going to do.  I would strongly recommend you look around in your life and see if you can be more natural and simple.

Somewhere we, as neighbors, have to quit relying on the Federal, State and Local government to tell us what we can and cannot eat.  What kind of politically correct system  is it that has stayed silent as our food has become more and more over processed and devitalized?  What kind of system is it that uses the American population as guniea pigs for their agribusiness experiments?  What kind of idiots are we that allow our "government watchdogs" have an incestuous relationship with the business and industry that they are supposed to be regulating?  It just hasn't worked out that well, has it.

I want to be the kind of neighbor that can produce healthy food and share it with friends and neighbors because I have more than I need... and the kind of neighbor that cares that the food I produce is healthy and nutritious and life-giving.  The dead and health robbing food that is FDA approved is garbage.  Why are they able to tell me that I cannot eat food with good, healthy life in it?  Something is wrong with this system here.  However, I am grateful that there are a lot more choices available then there used to be, and I will just continue our own personal journey of simple and wholesome foods.

Both blogs that I have listed here journal some of the roadtrip for these families as they have moved into simple and natural choices for their family.  Please enjoy them, learn from their journey and let me know how your own journey is going.

Best of Health
My apologies for moving into political rant :)  
I shouldn't be watching Fox News as I am writing this.......


  1. Gabe & I were watching intently in Food Inc. how the small farmer guy was slautering his chickens. It does not look fun but I guess everyone used to have to do it themselves. I told Gabe if he would do the killing part I would do the plucking.... It even sounds cruel when I type it but unless I'm going to stop eating meat its happening somewhere.

  2. Joey found a good youtube way to butcher chickens. We are going to try it out on an extra rooster that we have. We are just going to have to suck it up and learn how to do it. :(

    Mr. Benning has been giving us some of the pheasants he shot and they are really, really good. I stewed them, then we had one meal with the good meat, then cooked the bones down further for a couple of more meals using the bone broth. I don't see why chicken, even heirloom, couldn't be as good.

  3. We have 6 chickens right now & they are producing just enough eggs for us. When they get to the 12+ months & we have gotten new chickens, we are planning on making some chicken stew.... You will have to post the video on here for reference.