Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to Culture Butter

So... I have been doing a little research and if you want raw, cultured butter, you are going to have to start with raw cream.  You can get it at the Whole Foods Depot....

Natures Whole Food Depot

...then, you culture the CREAM (someone will probably have to buy a starter and share) , and leave it to thicken for a day or so before churning. Also, hold back a bit of the cream each time to use as the starter in the next batch. The flavor will continue to develop.

NEW IDEA:  I think you can use Cream Fraiche to culture the cream.   I am listing another direction page for your reference.  It covers the steps very clearly.  Just use the cream Fraiche as your starter.  I don't know if I can find any here, but will look.  I plan to try this as soon as possible.

Immunutrition - How to make raw, cultured butter

You can use your Kitchen Aid or food processor to make the butter from the cultured cream.  I found a site that has picture.

Here are a couple of sites with some good pictures.  I plan to just buy some cream fraiche and use that as a culture (or starter), then just follow the directions listed on one of these pages.


Cooking for Engineers - Making Butter

Love you all.

Have fun.  Someone is going to have to be brave and try this.



  1. To culture the cream do you just let it set out on the counter for a day?

  2. No, I think you have to get a culture (like a sourdough starter) to get it going. I don't know where you get one. I was going to order one from Organic Prarie. You might be able to order one on-line. I am still a bit uncertain on it - let me know if you find anything further on this.

  3. Try Cream Fraiche for a starter. I found a better directions page.

  4. I found this "old trick" that works well for a starter... I used 1 pint raw cream an 1/3c. natrual plain yogart. Let it sit over night in a warm draft free area for the culture from the yogart to take over!

  5. Jessica, that is a great idea. I think I will try it. I saved some of the buttermilk.... I think you can use your previous buttermilk as a culture also.j

    How did your butter turn out?

  6. It turned out great! I never seem to have left over buttermilk. Im always making buttermilk biscutts, buttemilk ranch dressing..... Its fun!