Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Basic Health Points for Sauerkraut:

*  Increases the healthy flora in the intestinal tract
*  Creates the type of environment for flora to flourish
*  An immune booster
*  Inhibits or actively fights cancer
*  Provides ingredients for gut health
*  Flu fighter
*  Inhibits pathogenic organisms including E. coli, salmonella and candida
*  Creates antioxidants that scavenge free radicals
*  Transforms lactose to lactic acid
*  Neutralizes phytic acid found in all grains and the trypsin-inhibitors in soy
*  Generates new nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, digestive aids and GTF chromium
*  Sauerkraut and its juices are a traditional folk remedy for constipation
*  Facilitates the breakdown and assimilation of proteins -
                 has a soothing effect on the nervous system
*   Strengthens the acidity of the stomach - helps normalize pH
*  Stimulates peristaltic movement of the intestines.
*  Detoxifies the intestines
*  Encourages pancreas function
*  Stimulates the secretion of all digestive juices
*  Helps re-establish healthy intestinal flora after taking antibiotics
*  Improves blood circulation
*  Helps cleanse the blood
*  Supports natural reistance against infections.
*  Strengthens the body's immune system
*  Helps rid the body of worms
*  Lowers the sugar in the blood and urine
*  Controls a craving for sweets
*  Alleviates morning sickness in pregnant women

News release from October 18, 2005 WGN9 Chicago (WGN-TV):

Bird Flu:  A cure for the bird flu may come from a strange source... sauerkraut!  Scientists at Seoul National University say they've successfully treated infected chickens with kimchi sauerkraut.  Kimchi is a seasoned version of traditional sauerkraut, but both contain an important bacteria, lactic acid, which appears to kill avian flu.  13 infected chickens with bird flu ate sauerkraut and 11 of them got better.

Further reading - "A Passion for Sauerkraut" a recipe book by Samuel Hofer


  1. I found a new way to eat sauerkraut.... I had leftover hamburger, put it over salad and had a "dressing" of salsa, sourcream, and sauerkraut. It was actually a really good taco salad :)

  2. I am going to give it a try... :)