Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Ramble in the Woods - Ginger Ale

Today I was able to make up some of our all time favorite ginger ale/juice mixtures.  Blood oranges, juiced and ran through a sieve, mixed 1 to 1 with ginger ale.  It is not watered down because our family enjoys the bold, bright taste.

Our favorite!


  1. Hi Cindy,
    I started making the ginger ale three days ago but I left the lid loosely set on top.(we're so busy packing and painting that I assumed all was great until yesterday when I read your instructions again that I realized that the lid should be tight!) Have I lost the culture?

  2. The above post was from me, not my husband! Blogger grabbed his blog profile instead of mine. Sorry!
    - Audrey

  3. Audrey, it will be fine. Probably not fizzy, but fine. I always remember that lacto fermented beverages were made all over the world, in the most wretched of conditions, and were health and life giving regardless of the process.

    Be sure you save some of your culture for your next batch. The ginger ale culture is one of the strongest in my kitchen. Good stuff.

    Are you moving in or out?

  4. In and out! We own a home in the city and have been renting the basement suite for the past year. When our tenants recently gave their notice we felt this was a good time to transition. So... the four of us are now in a 1 room basement suite with hopes of renting the main level. Meanwhile we continue to turn what once was a garage into a guest house at the acreage. In the spring we will move into the guest house while we continue to build our home/studio. All the while, Kelly will continue working three days a week in the city (thus the basement suite). whew... we are definitely in a transition! The nice thing is that we have had a really good chance to simplify our lives. It's really nice.

    Thanks for the ginger ale advice. I am so looking forward to trying some soon.

  5. Simplify is good. We have been doing that for the past couple of years and I am ready for another round.

    It sounds like you guys have a good plan. It will be good when the transition is done, but life doesn't wait to happen while you are changing.... it just happens :)

    There you are. All the sage advice I have for the day!

    Hope you have a great one.


  6. Good reminder about lacto fermented drinks being made all over & being health giving. Makes me less worried about the process/results. I just had some of my Kim Chi & it is really good. It is really fizzy & spicy!

  7. I like to watch Bizarre Foods just to see what type of lacto fermented things they do. It gives me a little more confidence with what I do in my kitchen :)

  8. True, that show is pretty crazy & they all survive.