Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ramble in the Woods - Grammie Time and Aprons

Our Grandson, almost two, was up today.  He helped his Dad and Papa prune the orchard, chased and screamed at chickens, played with the dog, did some school with his uncle who is eight and generally ran hard til lunch time.  After lunch, he had such a good nap.

When he woke up, he snuggled in the chair with me and then fell asleep again.  What a precious time.  Every minute of every day seems to have at least fifteen things demanding your attention.  The laundry is sitting there ready to be folded (it is still there glowering at me), dinner was calling, floors and office work... always there.

Instead, we snuggled in Grammy's big chair for over an hour while he slept.  His uncle is reading "The Secret Garden" and it happened to be sitting there.  I picked it up and spent the time happily back in Mary's Secret Place..... humming to baby and myself.

I am reminded why our household is making so many changes.  Giving your precious family the best possible opportunity for health, happiness, contentment with simplicity, the joy of the Lord and love is of great value.   Raising an abundantly healthy family in a toxic world is worth striving for.

The opportunity to sit and snuggle and reflect is good.  I have been thinking about investing in some Grammy aprons and found this cool poem..... for no particular reason except that I want my family to have wonderful memories of spending time here and I remember both of my Grandma's apron's vividly.

Be blessed with your family tonight.  Give the kids an extra hug.  Look them in the eye and remind them how much you love 'em.  God is good all the time.

"Grandma's Apron"

When I used to visit Grandma. I was very much impressed,
by her all-purpose apron, and the power it possessed.
For Grandma, it was everyday to choose one when she dressed.
The strings were tied and freshly washed, and maybe even pressed.
The simple apron that it was, you would never think about;
the things she used it for, that made it look worn out.
She used it for a basket, when she gathered up the eggs,
and flapped it as a weapon, when hens pecked her feet and legs.
She used it to carry kindling when she stoked the kitchen fire.
And to hold a load of laundry, or to wipe the clothesline wire.
She used it for a hot pad, to remove a steaming pan,
and when her brow was heated, she used it for a fan.
It dried our childish tears, when we'd scrape a knee and cry,
and made a hiding place when the little ones were shy.
Farm produce took in season, in the summer, spring and fall,
found its way into the kitchen from Grandma's carry all.
When Grandma went to heaven, God said she now could rest.
I'm sure the apron she chose that day, was her Sunday best.
(author unknown)


  1. I love it! May be I can make you a couple in trade for future milk when you get your cow....

  2. Sounds good. I was going to see if I could find a picture of my grandma. She always wore a similar farm dress and an apron. Always (except when she was teaching or going to town).

    That memory is getting more and more clear as I have flour, butter, splattered food and other stuff all over every piece of clothing I put on. Yikes.

  3. The cow is moving up the priority list!

  4. The picture would be very helpful. I need to use an apron more often too.

  5. I'll find one and send it to you> I know I have some. It should help.