Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tortilla Dough

When we began to make sourdough bread on a regular basis and finally decided... no more buying bread except in emergencies... we struggled with having bread around when needed.  The loaf might not turn out, the bread might not be at the right place at the right time.... whatever happened, I needed a quick bread that could be used in place of sourdough.

This dough can be easily pulled together and used in thirty minutes.  You need that long for the protein in the flour to unwind.  It is better if it has 8-12 hours of soak time.

While this might not be perfect,  it worked in our household and helped transition.  Hope you enjoy the recipe. 
Tortilla Dough

3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp olive oil
1 cup warm water
2 Tbsp sourdough starter

Bring this together into a nice dough.  A dough hook works well with this.  This dough needs to rest for at least 30 minutes.  It is just about perfect at 8-12 hours.  If it goes much beyond this, throw the rest into your current batch of bread.

Generously flour the counter.  Pull your dough into sections and roll into a ball.  You will just have to figure out how big, but a little bigger than a golf ball, smaller than a tennis ball.  Roll them all into smooth balls.

Heat your cast iron frying pan or griddle.  Medium heat.  Begin to flatten out your balls.  It works best to flatten them all, then go back and begin rolling them with a rolling pin.  Roll out, the put in the pan.  We like to use coconut oil, but you can also use an ungreased pan.  Cook about 45 seconds on each side and flip three times.

When you are ready to pull one off, just put it between two plates to hold the moisture and heat in.  Then, keep stacking them between the plates as you finish them. 



  1. I really like making tortillas & freezing them to have on hand when needed. I use pretty much the same recipe but use whole wheat flour.

  2. I didn't have any good success with whole wheat. Did they roll out OK?

    I could try again.

    I should try freezing them also. I have not done that yet.

    Thanks for the suggestion

  3. I just made more with whole wheat & fresh butter on top. So amazing. I ate a few more than I should have. Mine rolled out fine. I almost took pictures but had to many things going on. Even after freezing they stayed together & worked great.

    This is the site I got the recipe from:


  4. That is a great site. I made a bunch this morning and did half whole wheat, half white and a big scoop of sourdough. They were really good.