Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reasons for drinking Raw Milk

Raw Milk
The Adventure Continues

Well, here we are.  Raw milk.  Somewhere I never really thought we would be.  If you want to see the beginning of our raw milk adventure, it is here. 

I don't want to be repetitions, but please, please.... study some of the articles I have linked, pray about what step you are going to take.  Make good decisions based on what is best for your family.  I will continue to list the reasons our family has made the switch under my rambling, but there is SO MUCH great information in these links that I would ask you to just hop around.  That way you can find what you need.  Don't let the number of articles overwhelm you.  Just look at one or two, then think about it and maybe revisit and look over a few more.

personal note:  trying again to talk my hubby 
into getting a milk cow! -
turn our grass into healthy protein!

Milk is listed here in this section for the fats.  It could be in any section, but this is where it landed.  I have already done some discussion on raw milk for general gut health.  The article for that is here.   Overall, what we have done for several years is to get a good, organic pasteurized... but not homogenized milk.  Strauss Family Farms has a great milk that is lightly pasturized but the fat structure is intact.  If you can study what happens on factory farms, when milk products are homogenized and what happens to the enzymes when milk is pasturized you will have a good foundation for making the best decision you can.  We have just recently switched to raw.

We are blessed in California to be able to buy raw milk, and Organic Pastures (home page) does an amazing job with their cows.  They are grass fed and healthy, and the milk is fresh and good.  My favorite article on raw milk is from the Nourished Kitchen.  Please take a minute to look over the reasons she has listed.

 Another site that has been listed before... cheeseslave.  She lists out the top ten reasons to drink raw milk.  If you can go there, I would recommend it.

The Weston A Price Foundation has done so much work on this subject.  They have a really good page on the safety of raw milk for babies.  I would suggest you spend some time on this page.  If you are politically minded, the Campaign for raw milk is a good place to put some energy.

The Weston A Price Foundation has also done several articles rebutting the claims by the agribusiness/FDA conglomerate that has an iron grip on our food supply.  Please take a little time to read them if you are nervous about raw milk.  If the cows are grass fed, you are probably fine.  If your gut is in good shape, you can fight off any lousy stuff that comes.  If you cannot buy raw milk, get the best choice you can and perhaps culture it with kefir beads.  Directions are here.

Another great site I found, especially if you are thinking about getting a cow or working with raw milk is the Modern Country Dairy.  They also have lots of info on raw milk.

...and if you would rather read something personal with reasons listed out there is a kind of neat story called "Why would anyone drink raw milk?"  It is kind of funny.

Anyway, sorry this is not a personal page.  There is just so much to this subject.  Please study and read and think and pray.

Best of Health to you


  1. Thank you Cindy for your encouragement and passion. I completely agree that fresh milk for my children and family is a priority. Unfortunately, in Saskatchewan raw milk cannot be sold. The next option is to buy cows but we need to be living at the acreage full time! We're on our way though and I dream of the day I can make cheese, butter, yogurt and cream from our own milk.

    Audrey - liveine-v-v-erybreath and wife of Riverstone Studios - Leaving the Grid

  2. We love our raw milk and see such a difference when we switched! We've thought about a cow too... have to convince hubby 1 thing at a time. He is now a huge raw milk advocate! :)

  3. Audrey, I hope for the best for you. I have been enjoying your adventure from afar. It looks like an amazing life change for you.

    I think the whole "not being able to sell raw milk" thing is awful. Where have we gone to.

    We have had a milk cow in the back of our minds for about 3 years, but the economic collapse has forced us to reconsider our priorities.... and a milk cow might just move up the list.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I especially love your unplastic blog... we are really trying and it is hard.

  4. Chara,

    The raw milk has been so good for your family. We are blessed by Organic Pastures. They have a wonderful dairy.


  5. We buy from Organic Pastures as well and have been very happy with their milk. We've been a raw milk family for just over 4 years now. First, by a local dairy and for the past 2 years from Organic Pastures. We LOVE raw milk! :)