Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old time remedy for a head cold

Since both of our boys have head colds, I would like to share a great recipe for clearing up sinus, cough and stuffed up head kind of cold symptoms.
  1. Boil some water.
  2. Put about 4-6 drops of Eucalyptus Oil into a bowl.
  3. Add fresh lavender and rosemary (crush in your hand first).
  4. You can use essential oil for the lavender and rosemary if you don't have fresh herbs.
  5. Pour the boiling water over the oil and herbs.
  6. Put a towel over the head of the person coughing, hacking, sniffling and generally being miserable.
  7. Have them breathe in the aroma for as long as possible.  They might have to come up for air every so often.
  8. Switch to a hankie to save on tissues - hankies work fine.
  9. Tune out all complaining.
  10. Sick person enjoys a couple of hours of easier breathing.
  11. Repeat as necessary.
  12. We also use the Olbas line of products - Olbas Oil, Olbas bath, Olbas Inhaler and Olbas sports cream are staples in our household (kind of like Vicks without the petroleum).  I get them from Vitacost - fast and cheap. 
  13. You might also take a high quality beta glucan - we use one called Immunition.  I know they are expensive - we only use them when necessary.
  14. Both of these are really what we use - I'm not endorsing anything.... this is just what we do along with links to where we get them.

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  1. I hope everyone feels better soon!