Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Winter and Spring weaving together

One of the best things about living in California is the way you have beautiful spring days when everything is blooming, the sky is intense blue, the air is warm and it appears that Spring is here.  Sunday was just such a day.

Monday was also gorgeous, and the guys had time to disk the orchard.  We want to grow better greens... the plan is to turn grass into protein - chicken and milk.  We need to improve our grass and the beautiful day allowed us to continue that process.
It rained on Tuesday and by Tuesday night, we had snow.  We woke up to a beautiful blanket of soft snow.  Probably enough to freeze the plums and peaches and cherries.  Every year I remind myself I need to replace those trees with later blooming trees.  They are quite beautiful, though.... a cheerful wave in the beginning of spring.  It is just the rare year we actually get fruit from them.
Spring continues inside, though.  We have our tomato and peppers coming along nicely, the daffodils we picked the other day looking cheerful and the calendula brightens up everything.

In honor of our granddaughter, ETA: early June, we have violets to plant.  Grammie intends to have a big bunch of violets for the baby.

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  1. Looks beautiful Cindy! Your going to have a great garden this summer! Any coffee plans this week? We have been working on & off at the TH house depending on the weather. It was fun to see the snow this morning & I'm even more excited about the sun being out now.