Wednesday, April 28, 2010

 Longing for Spring
Christian Christoph Sturm (1740-1786)
(set to music by Mozart)

Come, dear May and turn the trees to verdant green
  and make the little violets blossom by the brook!
How gladly I would see a violet one again, dear May
  how I would like once more to take a walk!
But most of all I feel for Charlotte in her grief;
  the poor girl just sits there and longs for blossom time.
In vain I fetch some toys to help her pass the time
  she sits upon her stool just like a broody hen...
If only it got warmer and the grass began to grow!
Do come, dear May, we children do beg you earnestly!
Do come and, above all, bring lots of violets
  and also nightingales and pretty cuckoo birds!

the violets we planted a couple of months ago....
(Mama Hen has 20 chicks under and about 10 from the last batch she brooded hanging out with her - what a Mama!)
...and it seems as if winter is giving it's last gasp.  
A little snow to say goodbye.  
Tomorrow, Spring will probably win.  
I love the seasons.

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