Friday, April 30, 2010

Beet Kvass

Over at Evelyn Fields place she made Beet Kvass.  Apparently I missed this step completely  :(  She did a great post on it and I would encourage everyone to go look at it.

Beet kvass is what I do when I need a detox at the cellular level.  Personally, I add some cayenne pepper to mine (my sister hates that) and drink it by the glass.  I do not recommend this - it is just what I do when I have to do major detox, especially when we choose relationship over healthy habits.  Sometimes those two things conflict and we almost always opt for relationship..... this puts the brakes on legalism.  But a good detox helps :)

Go take a look and enjoy!  The day is gorgeous and I am headed out to weed eat a bunch more grass for the pigs (they are loving it) and for the chickens (ditto).

Our egg production is up, our feed bill is down, our hens are happy, our meat birds are growing.  The day is promising  :)



  1. So funny- I made some last week and was going to post on it tomorrow!! Ya'll beat me to it! :)

  2. Well, Melissa beat you to it. I have been too pooped to do any blogging. I always forget how much hard work full on gardening is :)

  3. That sounds like a good detox drink. When I get back from Palm Springs I will be in need of that. Have fun in the garden!