Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Extra Step - Menu Planning

My personal Waterloo - Menu Planning

Phase 2 ends with menu planning.  Really, this is my biggest weak area in the entire realm of food preparation.  However, I know, know, KNOW that I must get it down on paper and follow it.  So, for me, if not for you... the bullet points:
  • Eating for health requires you to incorporate some specific foods on a regular basis.  If you have no plan, you will probably miss some things you want to work in (the raw liver is still in my freezer... going to go on the menu!)
  • When you are planning to plant and eat from your own garden, you should know lots of things to do with what you grow.  PLANNING helps.  You know what to grow and how to use it.  Also, your family won't get sick of the 10 things you are good at :(
  • When you are attempting to reach a health goal, a plan is good.
  • Time, money, effort and energy is freed up.  No more trying to figure out what is for dinner.... and it is 6:00 at night.
  • If you plan to soak your grains (Phase 3 - been trying to get to Phase 3 for a month now) you have to plan ahead.  Flying by the seat of your pants just does NOT work (trust me on this one).
  • Make it a part of your routine and you are more likely to be successful.  Make it work for YOU. 
  • Check out what they say at the Weston Price Foundation to help you incorporate great principals.
Find someone to help you get started or to keep you going.  A couple of friends are so good on their menu planning.  You might look at Jabez Farms.  She is so faithful with her Menu Planning Monday.  As a bonus, she has been so encouraging for me on Facebook to get on with the program :)  Thanks Kim.  You are the best.  

Personally, I am planning to go with a seasonal menu.  I have begun the process using some of the ideas from Passionate Homemaking and Keeper of the Home.

This is an important step in our household as we get more and more busy.  Our work season just swung into full gear, the gardening is intense and everyone needs to stay healthy, busy, productive and well.  A seasonal menu seems to be what will work for us.  This will help me in planting the garden as well (see, everyone has priorities - I have charts, diagrams, lists, orders - everything in order for the garden... hmmmmm, just apply it to the kitchen!)

So, the final step in Phase 2.  Get a menu figured out.  What do YOU need to eat to be healthy.  Do you have a plan?  What does your family need.  Is this a short term or long term need?  It is important to figure it out.

Pray that I can get this are organized!


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  1. You can do it Cindy! I hope you'll share more on seasonal planning...that is a really good idea, especially if the garden will be the main source of food!