Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Project in Process

We have all been working hard around here to make the pool area safer, cleaner and function better.  One of the big projects involved turning an old, unworking, hot tub into a kids pool.  The next generation is coming up and I am tired of fishing kids out of the middle of the silly thing.  Also, cleaning it was a nightmare because of the different levels and little corners.

It started out looking like this (well, once we drained the swamp):
This mess got pressure washed and scraped with a wire brush, then rocks added to the middle:
Next came the big concrete job  :)  :)
                               (normally their concrete jobs look more like this)

First you gotta fire up the old mixer.  I think it is older than I am.  It is a good thing George keeps anything and everything.... and keeps it working :)
Add a little concrete and water, mix and dump.

Devise a high tech concrete delivery system.... 
Lots of advice on how to properly spread it around.
Looking for a nice, straight.... or kind of straight... board.
Yep, it works  :)
Floating it out with a little advice from the peanut gallery....
I'll help Papa!
You are never too young to figure out how to finish concrete around here.
.....or a little instruction from Dad...
It is all ready to be cured and painted.... The process will take a couple of weeks.
The baby obligingly slept through the process.
Then, time to move on to the next project..... the never ending fence fixing.
A semi-finished kids pool.  Somehow water got in there.  I have no idea how that happened.  Dad planned to put the final coat on with the sand mixed in so it is not slick.... all possible kids are frantically scooping water out.


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  1. That looks great Cindy! We are ready to come swimming!

    Thanks again for all your help!