Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today we were farmers

....and loved every minute of it.  The kids started at the raspberry patch...
Then we planted seeds - corn, sunflower, winter squash and my favorite squash which got forgotten in the regular rows, so I tucked them into a space in the cucumbers that did not germinate well.
Watering, weeding and mulching are ongoing.
Checking out the new Mama Hen and her chicks...

The "chicken salad" garden is working out well.
A long day of gardening and swimming leaves you pooped!
And a picture of the new baby from yesterday.... just for a treat!


  1. What is the "chicken salad" garden?

  2. We took some old raised beds and planted them with a variety of seeds, then put chicken wire on top (and a couple of other deterrents).

    The chicks can eat the tops of the greens, but not the roots and it keeps growing. Works really slick!

  3. LOVE the extra treat! What a precious angel! And the garden looks wonderful! I can't believe how late mine is this year, but that's life, and I'm really not stressing, just a little surprised. I still need to grab a few more plants and thats it. What do you use (very specifically) for mulch? I tried hay one year, telling the guys what I was using it for and they assured me it was what I needed. Darn stuff sprouted everywhere!!!!! That was my first and last attempt at mulching.

  4. Susie, you might consider sawdust or leaves or shredded paper or some other type of coverage.

    Specifically, this year our church was involved one Sunday in something called "Faith in Action". Several churches did community service projects rather than go to church one Sunday, then we had a BBQ. It was fun. However, we went to a school that had a couple of acres on a hill that needed weed-eated. There were a lot of guys with weed-eaters going to town and a bunch of other people bagging up the clippings. I guess they usually just dispose of it. I asked for it and we took our dump trailer and picked up somewhere around 70 BIG trash bags full. That was a couple of weeks ago.

    When you open the bags the stench and heat is somewhat revolting, but the weed seeds are dead and the smell goes away quickly. The bags are almost gone :( and then we will switch to leaves. We have been getting leaves from under trees around here for some of the mulching.

    Hope this helps. The baby is sweet, isn't she!


  5. It looks like like a lot of work but you seem to have a lot of help!!!!!!

    Good seeing you on Sunday!

  6. Cindy-please count Madelynn and I in for the first swimming lesson session! We look forward to it!!! Your place looks great...and the new baby is PRECIOUS!

  7. Melissa, the help is a little sketchy. They are WAY better at the raspberry picking than the mulching :)

    Liz, you got it. I'll have Lynette get ahold of you and schedule you in.

  8. What an adorable, and tiny baby! So cute! I love your blog. I just received my copy of Dr. Westin's book and I am so excited to begin. Also, my mom just bought me a wheat mill!