Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Basic Sauerkraut (lactofermented) Recipe for a Healing Kraut

Directions for the sauerkraut I have been making lately (along with a link to my previous blog post to give basic directions):

Equal mixture of red and green cabbage, carrots, whey, fresh beets, greens and heirloom carrots, fresh lime juice and zest, cayanne, jalapenos, onion, dandelion greens, ginger

The salts: black and red Hawaiian, pink Himalayan, RealSalt from Utah, Gray North Sea salt.

The spices: Sesame seeds, Curcumin, Turmeric, fresh black pepper.

Prep by shredding the cabbage (reserve the outer leaves for the top), carrots, beets, jalapenos and onions. I use a french Fry blade on the food processor to get a nice, big, uniform size. Make sure that the cabbage is at least half of the total. Don't shred the beets and carrots too small or they ferment too quickly.

Next, mix these in a large container with about 1 tablespoon of salt per medium head of cabbage. Throw a few more tablespoons in for the other stuff too. Add the whey. Add the spices and begin mixing.

I like to give quite a bit of time to this process and allow the flavors to get to know each other and taste as I go.

After this process is working, add your other greens, zest your lime and your ginger, into the mix and hand chop your more delicate greens and anything else you want in there. Remember to taste as you go. You will notice that I am unable to give proportions. I just don't have them. I know that you do not need to have so much salt that you cannot eat it and it is good to use what is available to you.

Pack this into your container. Use some non-clorinated water if necessary to have enough liquid to get everything under liquid. Use one tablespoon of salt per quart of water.

Use the reserved outer layer of leaves and then a plate to push everything down under liquid. Use something heavy to hold the plate down.

Now just keep it all between about 55 and 68 degrees for a few weeks, taste it and if it is where you would like it, bottle it up and it can now go into the fridge to continue fermenting.

Happy Fermenting!

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