Friday, March 21, 2014

What to expect when you bring your jar of live sauerkraut home

Please remember that our sauerkraut is a very live, very active food and I tend to overstuff the jars (I will work on that)

These jars tend to hiss, spit, piddle, burp and occasionally explode. This is perfectly normal. Really.  If you do not get it into the fridge, it might piddle all over your counter.  It is a pH of approximately 3.5, which is pretty acidic.  It can ruin the finish on your counter top, floor or other surface.  If you plan to leave it out, or it appears to be over lively, put a plate or bowl under it please.

Your best bet for fresh sauerkraut management is to eat some the day you get it to give a little head room. Put it on a little plate, refrigerate and sing a little lullaby... Go to sleep, go to sleep..... Burp occasionally. It is gassy.

Once you begin eating it, remember that it will begin a WAR with excess sugars, carbohydrates, yeasts, pathogens and unpleasant bacteria.  Your gut is not a very fun place to have a war.... but that is where the enemy of your health lives.  If you have specific questions, please talk to your natropathic doctor, your health coach or someone in our community to help you through this process.



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