Thursday, October 2, 2014

Protecting your family from health threats

Anyone following health news lately has to be concerned.  Enterovirus 68 (and childhood paralysis) and Ebola seems to be a current thread of our national conversation.  The potential of death, debilitation or long term disease speaks to many of our worst fears.   The lack of effective administrative / medical solutions makes those fears grow.  I have been looking to the past to see what our family can do to protect ourselves from these nasty things.

I found a great page that ties in several articles from the late 30's / early 40's from the scientist who was successful at giving a rabbit polio.  It also has the basis for his research and his conclusions.

From the article:
“One of the puzzling characteristics of polio,” Dr. Sandler said yesterday, “has been its prevalence in warm weather. Many people cut down on protective protein foods—such as meat, fish and poultry—because of a mistaken idea that a ‘light’ diet is better for them in warm weather. And they increase consumption of cooling foods and beverages—most of them heavily sweetened. It is this increase in consumption of sugar that produces a lowering of blood sugar and thereby a lowering of the body’s resistance to the polio virus and other diseases.”
"His theory is two-fold—he believes he has found a major cause for polio in humans, and he believes that preventive measures are simple, easy, and quickly applicable.

Dr. Sandler believes that the major cause is the low blood sugar in the human body, caused, paradoxically as it may sound, by eating too much sweets and starchy food.

The preventive measures? Cut out foods containing sugars and starches.

In 24 hours, according to Dr. Sandler, the body can build up sufficient resistance to the polio virus to prevent disease. The diet would have to continue, of course.

“The crisis is here and hours have become precious,” he said. “I have been impelled to bring this directly to the newspapers because of my profound conviction that, through community cooperation and general acceptance of a diet low in sugars and starches, this epidemic can be got under control in about two weeks time.

“I am willing to state without reserve that such a diet, strictly observed, can build up in 24 hours time a resistance in the human body sufficiently strong to combat the disease successfully. The answer lies simply in maintaining a normal blood sugar.”

 This is really, really great information.

It needs to be added that lacto fermented foods bring an entire different level of protection.  Small amounts of milk kefir, kombucha and fermented veggies build an amazing defense system in your gut... your first line of defense.  There is much old and current information available and this is something that has been discussed quite a bit here.  BUT  here is a great blog post that might be helpful.  Donna also has a new book out that is chock full of great recipes.  I have one myself and have given a lot away :)

I would recommend all of you check out these great articles and think about what steps you can apply.

Here is an article I found that gives a good overview of gut stuff for our continued education.

For those who want to get REALLY serious, here is a ABC basic page from the Weston A. Price foundation.  Always the best IMHO :)


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