Friday, January 29, 2010

Phase One Bullet Points

Here are the bullet points for Phase One.  If you want it in one sentence... Neutralize your gut, begin a high quality liquid or powder vitamin, add coconut oil to your body, begin making and eating lacto fermented (cultured) foods, eat a salad with olive oil and vinegar on it every day and work out for 20 minutes!

Remember that none of this is fast, this phase is not about weight loss and I am really concerned about GMO's on your gut health. If what I see is right, you can work and work on building your gut health and then eat a genetically modified thing and have the possibility of it working as an herbicide on all of your hard won microflora.

Don't get overwhelmed. Do one thing at a time. There is no time schedule and no failure. When you are ready, begin Phase Two.


* Neutralize the pH in your gut using baking soda and fresh lemon or lime (you can do up to 7 doses in 4 days, then lay off for a couple of days).

* Begin taking a good powder or liquid multi vitamin. (We use All One Senior Formula - there are other good ones)

* Add coconut oil daily internally and externally - minimum of 1 tbsp. per day. DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT THE CALORIE COUNT! You need it.

* Begin drinking ginger ale daily - at least 1/3 of a cup for healing of your gut and for the good bacteria.

* Begin adding sauerkraut - at least 1/3 of a cup daily.

* Begin adding daily yogurt - full fat, organic with live cultures daily.

* EXTRA TIP - Add a green salad to your life daily at this time. As you weaken the "bad" bacteria, virus, and other wretched stuff in your gut, allow the green salad to scrub it out.

* Grocery Store Tip - If it says High Fructose Corn Syrup - don't buy it.

* Lifetime Fitness Tip - Find a way to exercise for 20 minutes - TODAY!

Thanks all for joining us on A Step of Health.

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