Friday, February 26, 2010

The House around the Corner - Raw Milk Stories

 The Lucky Cousins

     When I was a child we drank fresh (raw) cows milk. I remember my mother scooping the cream from the top of the milk and making delicious butter and whipping cream. My mother and father always said we were not allergic to poison oak because the cows ate the plant as they grazed in the fields and woods near our home; we would then drink their milk so our system developed an immunity. My cousins, who did not drink raw milk, were often covered with the red rash caused by coming in contact with the plant that grows abundantly in our county. When I was young, if you had enough of the poison oak rash, you were not allowed to attend school because it was considered very contagious. I remember once, my cousin was out of school for a week, I was in about 3rd grade and wanted to stay home from school and spend the day with my mother. I went to the edge of the woods behind our home and found myself some poison oak.

     You can imagine what happened next, I stripped the plant of several handfuls of leaves and rubbed it ALL OVER MYSELF...I crushed the leaves and rubbed it on my skin, I broke the branches and used the sap, I found a cut and put some in it...okay, I wasn‘t a very bright child, but I was determined. I was very proud of myself and went back to the house and waited for the itching to begin…I waited...and went to school, the next day, I waited and went to school, the next day, I went to school and decided that my cousins were lucky to have parents who didn't give them fresh cows milk.

     I don't know if there is in fact scientific proof about developing this immunity, but Dad and Mom said so...and that's good enough for me. If you enjoy drinking fresh cows milk, I don't suggest you research in the same manner I did so long ago.

Take Care,
Sherri Ann

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